04-01-2017 AEE to EE Elec. Promotion for 10 Ers. 2   EE Elec. to SE Tran/Prom order copy2

04-01-2017  AEE to EE Elec. Promotion order 45 Ers.          EE/Elec. Transfer order copy

03-01-2017  Class I Officers Transfer Guide lines Reiterated copy

03-01-2017 EE/Elec. Transfer    EE/Mech Transfer     EE/Civil Promotion

03-01-2017 CE/Elec Transfers and Postings       SE Elec. Promotion and Postings order




27-08-2016 AE/JE to AEE Elec Suitablity report called for

07-03-2016 Direct recruitment for Technical Assistant,Field Assistant and Others link

03-03-2016 AEE (NI) BP order copy

23-01-2016 AE internal Selection Electrical order copy

27-12-2015 Assistant Engineer Direct Recruitment web site Link Address

12-12-2015  Selection Grade Posts –Junior drawing more pay than the senior - Rectification of pay anomaly order 

24-07-2015 TNPEO BANNER

24-07-2015 TA to JE II Gr Allotment order copy  RWE to JE II Gr Allotment order copy

13-07-2015 RWE to JE II Gr Panel copy

13-07-2015 TA to JE II Gr Panel list copy  Letter memo copy  Not selected list

07-07-2015 Cotee Circular and Convention Against Electricity Act all union memorandum copy

30-06-2015  TA to JE II Gr judgement copy

22-05-2015 AE/JE to AEE Elec Promotion order copy

22-05-2015 AE/JE to AEE Civil panel copy     AEE Civil Allotment order copy

28-03-2015  PG/Ph.D course Grant of advance increment to Board’s Engineers List new courses order copy

11-03-2015 AEE to EE Elec. Promotion order copy2

10-03-2015  EE Elec to SE Promotion Order Copy2

16-02-2015 AE/JE to AEE Mech Promotion order copy2

12-02-2015 Departmental Account test notification for May-2015

09-02-2015 AEE to EE Elec Promotion and Transfer order copy2

09-02-2015 AE/JE to AEE Elec. Allotment order copy

31-01-2015 AE/JE to AEE Elec Promotion Order Copy

30-01-2015 Schedule date for  selection for Graduate/Diploma Apprentice

20-01-2015 AEE to EE Electrical Panel Approved copy

14-01-2015 AE/JE to AEE Mechanical Panel copy

19-11-2014 Internal Selection Pay Fixation Clarification order copy

18-11-2014 TNPEO  Representation copy regarding JE-I Gr/AE NI(Elec./Mech/Civil)

14-11-2014 AEE/Civil to EE/civil promotion and posting order copy

02-11-2014 AE/JE to AEE/Elec, Allotment order copy-2 nd Batch

31-10-2014 AE/JE to AEE/Elec. allotment order copy    Covering letter copy (Ist Batch)

20-10-2014 AE/JE to AEE Elec. Panel Copy

14-10-2014 Bonus order copy

13-10-2014 DA BP Copy

08-10-2014 TNPEO Circular copy regarding Joint council meeting

01-10-2014 HOLIDAY BAKRID 06.10.2014 ORDER COPY


05-09-2014  Graduate/Diploma Apprentice BP order copy   Details of selection process Annuxure(ZIP FILE)

01-09-2014   BOAB – Pension – Treatment of DA as Dearness Pay for the purpose  of pension to those retired between 01.06.1988 to 31.12.1995 – Instructions to pension sanction authority to process the application and forwarding to Audit Branch - Regarding.

01-09-2014  Vigilance instruction-  Indulging Criminal Activities to spoil the image of the Corporation by    certain compulsory retired/Voluntary Retired Officers/Staff – Instructions issued.          

30-08-2014 AE/TA Internal selection Revised ratio BP order copy

16-08-2014 Individual representation letter copy for AEE/NI Elec.   Our Representation letter copy for AEE NI 

16-08-2014 Departmental Account test Notification2

16-08-2014 AEE to EE Mech Suitablity call for letter copy

16-08-2014 SE Elec. Promotion and Transfer order copy2

05-08-2014 TA to JE II Gr Elec. Promotion our representation letter copy to CMD and CE/P.

04-08-2014 TA to JE II Gr our stand

04-08-2014 TA to JE II Gr Judgement Facts  

04-08-2014 TA to JE II Gr Judgement order copy

18-07-2014 AE Electrical internal selection allotment order

11-07-2014  AE Internal selection allotment order copy

11-07-2014 AE/JE to AEE/Civil Promotion order copy

10-07-2014 LTC Package Tour for TTDC Revised Tariff order copy 

08-07-2014  TNPEO Representation regarding Section officers difficulties   

08 -07-2014 TNPEO Agitation -Representation regarding Various Promotions issues to CMD                       


03-07-2014 AEE to EE Electrical Promotion and Transfer order copy2

01-07-2014 Enhancement of consolidated pay for AEs and Others order copy2

06-06-2014 AEE Elec. PAR not received list

06-06-2014 Wage revision Additional charge and PH Holidays clarification order copy

30-05-2014 AE/JE to AEE Mech Suitability report call letter copy

27-05-2014 EE Electrical Promotion and Transfer order copy

27-05-2014 SE Electrical Promotion and Transfer order copy

17-05-2014 JE II Gr to JE I Gr Mechanical Promotion suitability report called for

17-05-2014 AE(Electrical) Internal selection 2005 seniority list

03-05-2014  AE/JE to AEE Elec. Suitability report called for AE-329 Ers,JE-152 Ers.

29-04-2014 JE II Gr Mechanical Seniority List

29-04-2014 Election commission instruction reg Promotion 

17-04-2014 JE II Gr Elec. Inter-seniority list between Diploma and Non Diploma

09-04-2014 Wage revision  01-12-2011 Certain Clarification

09-04-2014 Wage revision second instalment instruction copy 

08-04-2014  Unearned leave for PA clarification order copy 

05-04-2014  TANGEDCO DA BP orders issued from 01-01-2014 BP copy

04-04-2014    Establishment - Committee - Revision of Work allocation and Staff pattern - Committee to Review of                                  existing ratio  adopted for promotion/ appointment to various categories - Constituted - Orders issued.

22-03-2014 APPRENTICESHIP TRAINING Amendment-“As a welfare measure, the sons and daughters of                          TANGEDCO /TANTRANSCO employees in service will be given preference during                                                 selection based on the marks obtained by them subject to a maximum of 10% of the                                           total vacancies in all branches in each region”.Order copy

17-03-2014 AE PAR Not received list-For preparation of AEE Elec. Panel

05-03-2014 AE Internal Selection Allotment order copy Electrical

05-03-2014 AE Internal selection order copy  Electrical   Mechanical   Civil

01-03-2014 EE Electrical Transfer order copy

26-02-2014 Technical Assistant Direct Recruitment Allotment copy pdf format   Electrical    Mechanical 

26-02-2014 Technical Assistant Direct recruitment allotment order copy   Electrical List  Mechanical

26-02-2014 JE-II GR. JE I GR. CIVIL Promotion and allotment order copy2

26-02-2014 AE Direct Recruitment allotment order copy      List of AEs Allotment copy

25-02-2014 Technical Elec. Assistant Internal Selection Allotment   Mechanical

25-02-2014 AE/JE to AEE Civil allotment order copy

24-02-2014 Assistant Engineer Direct Recruitment selection list 

24-02-2014 Technical Asst Direct recruitment selection list

21-02-2014 Technical Assistant Mechanical Request transfer order copy 

20-02-2014 Assistant Programmer Promotion and allotment order copy

20-02-2014 JE II Gr to JE I Gr Elec. Promotion PAR Not Received List

20-02-2014 Technical Assistant Transfer and postings order

20-02-2014  Technical Assistant internal selection list Electrical      Mechanical

20-02-2014  ITI Direct Recruitment selection list

15-02-2014 AE/JE to AEE Mech. Promotion orders issued for 10 Ers

15-02-2014 Un Earned Leave on Private Affairs BP Copy

14-02-2014 Superintending Engineer to ACE Promotion order copy

14-02-2014 Executive Engineer Elec. Modification order copy

13-02-2014 Mass representation letter copy for   TA to JE II Gr Elec. Promotion

13-02-2014 Our Representation copy-Regarding  TA to JE II Gr Elec. Promotion

05-02-2014  Modification of grade pay for Technical Assistant and other categories                                             

04-02-2014 SE to CE Electrical Promotion order and CE Mech Transfer order copy

04-02-2014  Wage revision Selection grade instruction letter copy

04-02-2014  Wage revision Re-option instruction letter copy

02-02-2014  Representation given to CMD regarding Diploma Apprentice for TA Selection -copy of the letter

29-01-2014   SE to ACE Mechanical Promotion Order copy

29-01-2014   JE II Gr to JE I Gr Additional list call for letter copy

28-01-2014   SE Mechanical Promotion Order copy              CE/Mechanical Promotion order copy

23-01-2014   TANGEDCO Departmental Account Test Result

23-01-2014  BP-2 Part Time Worker   BP-3Temp CLR Payment   

                   BP-4  Minimum Service for  Ass/Helper  BP-5 Reduction of trg period

21-01-2014   Modification of Grade Pay for Spl Grade Foreman

18-01-2014  JE II Gr to JE-I Gr Elec. PAR not received List

18-01-2014  AEE Elec. to EE Promotion and postings order copy

12-01-2014  Wage revision BP Officers    Work men BP    Work Load BP 

10-01-2014  AEE to EE Mechanical Promotion order copy

09-01-2014  Wage revision and work load Draft proposal copy

08-01-2014  Adhoc-Exgratia Pongal Bonus for Officers BP Copy

07-01-2014  TNPEO Latest Circular

06-01-2014   JE II Gr to JE I Gr Civil PAR Not received list

04-01-2014  Standing Council Appointment order copy

03-01-2014  AEE Elec. to EE Elec. Panel copy

01-01-2014  Wage revision Announcement copy    Press release copy 

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Individual representation letter copy for AEE/NI Elec.

TNPEO Representation regarding Section officers difficulties   

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